A Fresh Start: Five Tips for Making a Long Distance Move

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moving truckMoving to another town or city is always challenging, and moving to another state or country is even more so. You will travel great distances and need to arrange for housing, storage of your belongings, and transportation for yourself and everything you bring. However, the task while difficult isn’t impossible. Even a move to a city like LA from the Midwest or East Coast is doable with the right planning and help. Here are five tips for a successful long distance move.


Know Where You’ll Land


Before even thinking about moving to a distant locale, you need to secure housing, jobs, and schools. This phase is simple for singles or young couples with no kids. For more mature, families this means some research. In either case it means looking at local real estate and rental publications, websites, and other sources. These provide great info on the area you want to move to such as housing and schools. When you have all the data, act on it and have your landing strip prepared in advance. Don’t forget that a successful long distance move will involve advance trips to the location to settle everything.


Find A Good Storage/Moving Company


Unless everything you own is in your luggage set, there is now way you successfully move long distance without professional help. The good news is that there are many great moving companies that make the process as painless as possible. A good idea is moving pods. This new trend in moving allows you to store your major items like furniture in mobile storage units that get shipped to your new location. Also get professional movers to help with packing even if it is only consulting on how best to prepare items for the move.


Build Connections


Moving to a new place is daunting when you don’t have people you know to help you get used it. Social media and networking makes it easier than ever to see if people you know live in your new location. Make inquiries and see if there are any old acquaintances who can help make your move easier with local advice and moral support.


Plan Your Travel Route


Know how you will get to your new home. This means deciding if driving, taking a bus, train, or airplane is the best method for getting there. You should look at what you can afford as well as whether it makes the moving process easier. If you do drive, plan a clear route that gets you to your new home at a time and pace that is good for you.


Have Back Ups


Any plan or major project will have some unexpected problems come up. Plan for disaster at worst and inconvenience at best with back up plans and measures. Make sure that you insure important items and have travel and lodging alternatives in place to prevent frustration and panic when things go wrong.


Overall long distance moves are all about preparation. While the impulse move is alluring it is foolhardy at best. A successful mover makes sure all the pieces are in place so that they get the best out their new home. So follow these tips and have a successful long distance move to the LA area.


Steven Whittle is a real estate researcher and investor. He mainly focuses on the LA property market and enjoys sharing his insights on various property investment blogs. Visit Movoto Real Estate to find out more about property investment opportunities.

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